Techniques Sports Running Relay

1. Understanding Run Relay
Relay Run Sports Technique Run or relay connection is one race at a track meet held alternately or relay. This was done and the run continued alternately take the baton from the starting line to the finish line. In this connection there is one team ran four runners. In the running for the specificity of the dial there will not be found on a number of other runners, ie move the sticks while running faster than previous runner to the next runner.
Start used in the continued run is to use the first runners start squatting. As for the runner second, third and fourth runners using start flying. Distance running is often diperlombakan continued in athletics for men and women is the 4 x 100 meters or 4 x 400 meters. In doing running technique continued not only necessary but giving and receiving of a stick in the zone or area of ​​change and adjustment of the distance and speed of each runner.

2. History of Running Relay
    Connecting Run starts from the Aztecs, Inca and Maya aims to pass on the news that has been known for a long time. In Greece, the torch relay was held in conjunction with ancestor worship and to continue the sacred fire to the new colonies-colonies. The tradition of the Olympic flame comes from the Greek tradition.
Run 4 x 100 meter relay and the 4 x 400 meters for men in its current form, the first Olympics held in 1992 in Stockholm. 4 x 100-meter relay for women since 1928 a number of Olympic and 4 x 400 meter contested since 1972.

3. Relay Run Rule
    Each runner has an important role in sport relay race. Therefore, the cohesiveness and rhythm also must be kept running. In the distance 4 x 100 meters, runners are not allowed to drop the baton. So it should really be trained how to pass the baton. Because if falling, participants will run immediately disqualified. Unlike sports with the distance relay 4 x 400 meters. Because the distance further, the rules are even lighter. Participants may run drop and retrieve a dropped baton. But the risk is less. Because when participants ran a stick, then certainly the participant will be far behind the other participants.

4. Baton relay
    The baton was given object in rotation from one participant to another participant in a squad run. Therefore, it was not just stick a stick. Its size is suitable and fit with long grip runners in general.
The size of the stick that is used to run the relay are:
• The length of the stick: 29-30 cm
• stick Diameter: 3.81 cm (adults) and 2.54 cm (children)
• Weight sticks: 50 gr
How to hold the baton to be done right. Holding the stick can be held by the left or right hand. Half of the stick held by the stick. And ends again will be held by the recipient subsequent baton. And for the first runner, the baton should be held behind the starting line and do not touch the starting line.

5. Substitution Technique Stick Relay
    Relay race knew how to turn two sticks, that is:
a. Engineering admission stick by seeing (visual)
Runners who took a stick to do it running while turning her head to look at the stick given by the previous runners. The reception staff is usually done by looking at the number 4 x 400 meters.
b. Engineering admission stick in a way not seen (non-visual)
Runners who took a stick to do it run without seeing the stick to be received. How to stick acceptance without seeing typically used in run 4 x 100 meter relay.
Judging from how to receive a stick, the stick movement skills recipient without looking more difficult than in the way of seeing. In practice, the receiver and the giver needs to do a much longer exercise the right approach.

6. Giving and Receiving Techniques Stick Relay
    The principle is to try to bring the run connecting rod as soon as possible is done to give and receive the baton from one runner to the other runners, in order to perform the technique, the runner must master the movement skills and running skills to give and receive a stick he carried.
In some race number, often a team was defeated by the other teams simply because of lack of control of movement skills to receive and give the baton from one runner to another runner. In fact, often a team was disqualified just because of the inappropriate acceptance and delivery of the stick.
Relay race knows two ways giving and receiving of sticks, namely:
a. Technique of giving and receiving the baton from below
This technique is done by runners carrying the stick with his left hand. While running athletes will provide the stick with his left hand. We will provide sticks, stick swinging from back to front through the bottom. Meanwhile, behind the hands of the recipient has been prepared with the palms facing down. Thumb wide open, while the other fingers clenched.
b. Technique of giving and receiving the baton from the
This technique is done by swinging the arm from back to front, then immediately put the stick on the palms of the receiver. Runners will receive a stick waved a hand from front to back with palms facing up. Wide open thumb and fingers of his other hand tightly.
There is a way that made the sport relay race baton in order not to fall when given to the other participants. That runner holding baton meegang baton with his left hand and gave it also with his left hand. Meanwhile, prepare the recipient receives a stick stick with the right hand.

7. Matters to Look for in a Running Relay
    The things to watch in sports relay race, as follows:
a. Provision should be crossed sticks, the runners 1 and 3 hold the stick in his right hand, while runners 2 and 4 receiving or holding the stick with his left hand or vice versa.
b. Placement runners should be tailored to the privileges of each runner. For example, 1 and 3 selected runners are really good in the corners. 2 and 4 runner is a runner that has good durability.
c. Distance runners wait 2, 3, and 4 should really be measured with precision.
d. After giving the baton should not get out of the path of each.

8. Race Rules
    The rules in sport relay race, as follows:
a. The length of the baton change area is 20 meters and the 4 x 100 relay runners meters plus 10 meters prazona. Prazona is an area where the runner can speed flight will depart, but here is not a change of baton.
b. Each runner must remain in their trajectory even after giving his stick to the next runner. If the stick falls, the runner who dropped it must pick it up.
c. In a relay race, the first runner ran the trajectory of each to the first corner, and then allowed to enter the track, and the third runner runners waiting in the turn of the fourth in a sequence corresponding arrival runners teammates.

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